Let's get started!

If you’ve already built your TrackVia application, then you’re ready to go!

1. Sign In to your TrackVia Account

2. Designate API User

Designate at least one user as an API User by going to Manage Users, selecting a user and checking the “Set as API User” checkmark. Please note, setting the user profile as an API User will lock this profile out of the web and mobile apps.

3. Create API Key

Now that you have an API User, go to My Account → API Access and click “Create an API Key”. You’ll use this API Key in your request.

4. Create an Auth Token

Click the “Create Auth Token” button

In the modal, set a Name, select your API user and set an expiration date for the auth token, then click “Create Auth Token” button.

View, Copy, or Deactivate your newly created Auth Token!

5. Download an SDK

Visit our downloads page. We have SDKs for the following languages:

You can also use our interactive documentation. To see some examples of using our API, check out our tutorials page.

5. If You Have Questions

If you want to know more about using our API check our documentation, FAQ, or support forum.

If you want to see your API usage visit your statistics page. The login information for this page was emailed to the authority for you TrackVia account.